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Hetal Mehta


The backbone of Ansi ByteCode LLP. A dream which he saw years ago and now has come to life. Soft spoken person with the best ability of handling the entire company to its full potential. Being a developer from within, he understands the in and out of the system and plays his card on the right time. Always stand with his team and A HERCULES in true spirit.

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Shivam Nair

Project Manager

An effective project leader is often described as having a vision of where to go and the ability to articulate it, and Shivam has this within him. Good with communication and best in all elements of work life the most common complaint about an organization is 'lack of communication.' Call it honesty, integrity or loyalty, Shivam has it all.

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    Binal Patel

    Human Resource

    A support of the backbone of the company. She is a true treasure hunter, a person who digs deep to find the best resource and find gems for the company. She’s got amazing smile though, but she got many interpersonal skills. Very compassionate about her work and one of the most dedicated employee ABC has. Some other skills which she possess are: communication, presenter, approachable, time management and self-discipline, delegator and most importantly a motivator.

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      Harshil Sheth

      Sr. Software Engineer

      Employee of the first batch and still with the company. Helping nature and always on toes to help anyone out in the .Net team. Got analytical mind that’s because he loves Coffee. One of the best quality in him is he has got Business oriented approach to software development. Purely a team member who think more about the team then himself. An asset to ABC.

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        Vijay Patel

        Sr. Software Engineer

        With ABC from the day of foundation, an asset and gem to the company. Passionate about his work and curious to learn new things and technologies. Senior .Net Developer but always down to earth and helps every junior in the company. Best skill about this is comprehension, who can make sense of software requirements and understand what it is that needs to be built, able to grasp the “mental model” of the internal structure of a software application.

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          Naishadh Patel

          Sr. Software Engineer

          Senior Software Engineer in .Net technology. Energetic person, productive, motivated, strong work ethic, gets a lot of work done in the available working time. Humble by nature and recognizes that other people are smart and have great ideas and knowledge, respects relationships more than technology. Best quality can be a person who sees ways to do things that others don’t see, comes up with better ways of doing things, goes beyond.

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            Parth Modi

            Sr. Software Engineer

            Techie guy and a Senior Software Engineer in .Net Technology. Friendly by nature and easy to get along with, does not sabotage or bring down team morale. A focused person, who works towards completion of tasks with minimal distraction, avoids taking tangents. Best quality about him is he is Pragmatic, a person who is able to make a value judgment about what is really important, values practical outcomes and getting the job done, avoids gold plating.

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              Nidhi Patel

              Sr. Software Engineer

              Fast learner, can quickly research, understand and use unfamiliar software technologies, tools, and languages. .Net developer by nature but got logic skills, ability to devise logical solutions for programming problems. Best Skill would be she is Not dogmatic; willing to change their mind and see things from the perspective of someone else, values the intellect of others. She is honest, can admit mistakes, unafraid to admit they don’t know something.