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Application Management

Ansi ByteCode LLP has successfully established itself as a global company, offering cloud based, internationalized and scalable Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that monitors, manages and supports mobile devices across platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows), service providers and manufacturers. We have a team of dedicated and talented professionals with over 7 years of innovative software development believes that “today, Enterprise Mobility though not mandatory, is a fact of business life for various obvious reasons like increased productivity, cost savings, competitive advantage and better customer engagement.”


Having serviced industries like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Education, Pharmaceutical, Communication & Media and Government and initial focus on the emerging markets, Ansi ByteCode LLP provides affordable solutions either cloud based or privately installed, enabling over-the-air distribution of mobile applications, configuration settings and security policies to corporate owned or employee owned (BYOD) devices through a central web console. No matter what type of organization it is, we have affordable solutions and services for all, be it initial, advanced or matured enterprise mobility.

Our Application Management Services

Mainframe Services

Mainframe Services provides end-to-end offerings to help you overcome infrastructure management challenges such as on-time availability of skilled resources, geographically dispersed maintenance and operational level management (OLM).

Middleware Services

Middleware Services combine robust governance and an automation framework to manage enterprise applications round the clock from a centralized location. We provide middleware support operations, administrative services, middleware performance and capacity management.

Database Services

Database Infrastructure Services for end-to-end database management and optimization across various business domains. We provide strong engineering and architectural support to right-size infrastructure and align database scalability and capacity with customer business goals.

Benefits of working with us

  • Increased employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Centralized web-based console to manage applications
  • Simplified application distribution process
  • Increased maintenance by automatic updates and crash reports
  • Increased data security by reducing the risk of sensitive data leakage
  • Ease of users’ feedbacks and ratings
  • Increased collaboration among users and departments
  • Secured support for Bring Your Own Device
  • Increased application performance and scalability
  • Application Version Management and performance monitoring
  • Robust reporting on application inventory and usage

Mobile Application Lifecycle Management

Ansi ByteCode LLP enables enterprises a platform to manage the entire lifecycle of applications from deployment to retirement. The lifecycle management begins right from purchasing the applications (including public, purchased, and enterprise mobile applications), to securing, distributing, updating, and tracking the application deployment. Ansi ByteCode LLP’s Mobile Application lifecycle management includes:


  • Automating application deployment
  • Internal application integration with Enterprise Resources through SDK and App Wrapping
  • Streamlined workflow for developing, reviewing, assigning, and deploying internal applications
  • Ease of providing applications to a beta group for testing and validation
  • Enterprise App store supporting VPP and B2B
  • Integrating with public application stores such as Apple and Google Play store
  • Creating and enforcing groups for blacklisted, whitelisted, and required applications
  • Setting access control for applications
  • Performing selective wiping of applications and their associated data

Ansi ByteCode LLP’s Principles

Well-designed Mobile Application Management solutions follow a set of guidelines or principles to ensure they meet the needs of corporate IT teams grappling with BYOD challenges. These principles include:


    • Management primarily at the application, not hardware or firmware layer – By focusing on provisioning corporate apps within a secure container on device and by abstracting the application and data away from the specifications of the device and OS, our solutions ensure that corporate assets can be securely controlled, without impacting users’ personal device functions or assets including ring tones, games, photos, videos, and personal apps
    • Management based on policies, rules and roles – with the ability to set and enforce policies and assign roles and privileges to users and user groups, our software enables finely grained control of applications even on remote devices.
    • Management as collaboration – With the use of an enterprise app store, IT administrators can dispense with the “command and control” approaches of the past and enable users to see and select recommended apps from within an app store view, much as they select and download apps, games, music, videos, and ringtones from the Apple App Store or Google’s Android Marketplace. This ability to offer users corporate apps within pre-defined policies meets the needs of BYOD environments while still ensuring corporate data integrity.
    • Configure once, run everywhere. Because a well-designed Ansi ByteCode LLP’s solution can incorporate management of mobile applications, data, and native device functions (such as GPS and camera), as well as management of embedded HTML and desktop web applications, IT teams can leverage the solution to configure all of their policies and rules, then manage the full range of applications – mobile and desktop – from a single source.
    • Visibility everywhere. With the basic foundation of application management within a secure container, MAM solutions can deliver complete visibility into application activity, down to the feature layer. App management policies and rules can also be created and established in the application design and build stage, using our development tool extensions.