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Microsoft Azure Services

One of the most frequently asked questions for CIOs in medium to large enterprises today. At Ansi ByteCode we have been passionate about how Enterprise IT can embrace Cloud Services in their journey to build the Modern Workplace. A preferred Microsoft Cloud Partner and a member of Azure Circle program; Ansi ByteCode leverages its User Centered Software Engineering (UCSE) approach in enabling Modern Business Applications powered on Microsoft Azure. Our Azure Accelerate offering is targeted to get our customers started on the Azure adoption journey.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is more scalable and developers have control of their environment and can specify their own performance standards while paying only for the resources needed for their applications. Windows Azure Services includes tracing, logging, and monitoring functionality, giving insight into resource usage and performance.

Microsoft Azure offers scalability as a service for high-volume apps. The Azure Service initially interest start-ups and independent software vendors that need to “get to market quickly and iterate more rapidly,” said Mike Schultz, Microsoft general manager of cloud platform marketing.

This more rapid way of thinking lends itself to a new, faster way to get software out to our users. Now that speed of delivery has increased, we need reliable tools that help us analyze and monitor the health of the software that gets deployed to this platform and this is where Azure comes in.

Azure Websites can go a step further because they can integrate with other Azure services. This allows Azure websites to have a database backend such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, DocumentDB and others using Azure resources. If you already have these databases onsite and want to connect to your existing data sources, Azure makes that possible as well. This flexibility makes it is easy to setup any number of packaged templates – such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal in a matter of minutes.

Our Offerings

  • Integration
  • Scalability & Synchronization
  • Business Knowledge
  • Storage Savings
  • Customization
  • Comprehensive
  • Budget Control

Features and Benefits

  • Host Websites
    • Quickly build, deploy, and manage scalable websites.
    • Create and use data solutions with your web apps.
  • Deploy applications
    • Cut infrastructure costs and reduce IT management burden.
    • Deploy Microsoft Workloads (SharePoint Servers, SQL Server, Domain Controllers) as well as third party business applications.
  • Storage, Backup Recovery
    • A range of uses: backup file servers, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange.
    • Encrypted backups to global geo-redundant datacentres.
    • Quickly and easily boost storage when needed.
  • Development & Testing
    • Get up and running in minutes on the cloud infrastructure without having to install or configure a single server.
    • Easy-to-use, fully integrated tools for project management.
    • Build, compile and test your applications in the cloud.
    • Collect performance data and usage information via rich dashboards and dynamic reports.
    • Includes monthly allotments of build minutes and virtual user minutes for load testing. Additional amounts can be scaled to meet your needs.