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Kendo UI controls provide two controls for text fields: Autocomplete and NumericTextBox. The last control offers different options, such as prices, percentages, measures and quantities. In my opinion, they are very good controls. Its weakness is that it does not provide a mask text field, for example to complete emails or addresses with certain format, but this difficulty can be easily overcome with any jQuery plugin. KendoUI offers three options for text fields: Calendar, DatePicker and DateTimePicker. I thought Calendar was excellent because it works smoothly and allows to customize the template, for instance adding icons to calendar days. Kendo is a great framework, data, and visual UI. You can choose to render a native look for each platform or use the same look for all platforms. It can be used for desktop and mobile and has some really advanced data options that other frameworks like Jquery Mobile and Bootstrap miss. It has regulary updates and fixes as well. Kendo is based on jQuery and you can notice how everything is interconnected in this fancy world. It seems like there is some kind of web-developing melting pot. Various frameworks and technologies such as DOM, Ajax, jQuery and many others combine together to form new ones with basic features renewed and supplemented. Kendo is some kind of collection of different User Interface widgets, placed in one powerful set of tools. HTML5 and JavaScript framework Kendo UI saves you development time with 70+ UI widgets built with AngularJS in mind.

Dev Express

Dev Express – is a custom third party provider of .NET controls. They customize the .NET controls by making it more attractive and more flexible than inbuilt .NET controls. Once you get the license, then you would use their assemblies in your application to create a new UI experience which is completely different from inbuilt UI controls. For eg., check the WinForms Grid which they have customized it WinForms Grid Control | Dev Express. It’s an actually a WinForm Grid which they have changed the UI and provide flexibility. We are using the grid to show data loaded from a server and it is very unlikely that the user has loaded all the data. Dev Express engineers feature-complete Presentation Controls, enterprise-ready Reporting Systems, IDE Productivity Tools and Business Application Frameworks for Visual Studio. Our technologies help you build your best, see complex software with greater clarity, increase your productivity and create stunning touch-enabled applications for Windows, Web and Mobile, without limits or compromise.

Grids: Kendo UI

KendoUI grids are fantastic; they offer almost endless possibilities, allowing to use master-slave structures, row templates, online edition, paginated and asynchronic load among other things. The Kendo UI® framework provides everything you need to integrate with AngularJS out of the box—bindings, component configuration, directives, template directives, form validation, event handlers, etc. All you have to do is include the proper Kendo UI libraries into your project.

Grids: Dev Express

Dev Express grids live up to expectations and are a very good choice, but they do not have so many possibilities: templates cannot be easily specified, master-slave structures cannot be achieved and grids are simpler than KendoUI ones. They are implemented by overriding the features of .NET controls. So, they fit easily into the application. You can program as you used to program any other .NET application. Provide a way to manually sort and filter the data.

Advantages of Kendo UI and Dev Express

It gives support through forums, webinars and training, documentation and a blog. Even though the helpers are strongly typed, they can be resolved without binding it to the model property and using the MVC automatic binding to the ‘Name’ method of the non-typed helper. Controls are generated with a more skin friendly structure, it doesn´t use tables, and additionally provides a JavaScript API that allows using the controls in the JQuery traditional way.


Dev Express
Controls for platforms such as WPF, Winforms and Silverlight are obtained by acquiring the Universal subscription. Support is provided through forums, webinars and training, documentation and a blog.

Features of our Dev Express

  • Quality of the controls.
  • Quality of Grids.
  • Ease of use.
  • Time of integration with an existing project.
  • Automatic code generation.