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A bit About Us

We’re passionate about the potential of technology.
We believe in providing quality services to all our clients.

Who are we?

Ansi ByteCode LLP was founded in the year 2014 and has achieved such a great reputation in IT sector with a strong hand .NET technology we are now a Gold Partner of MicroSoft in Application Development & Application Integration. We are a team of 35 agile members & we are growing continuously.
We are happy to serve globally. Started with a dedication to customer success and after 6 exciting years of working, we’ve achieved several awards and accolades in the industry but the most important award we’ve achieved is our happy and satisfied customers.
Every employee is a family member to all of us and this spirit helps us solving and deliver every work situation or challenges with an ease.


Every project starts with an idea and we work to convert the idea into reality.



We just not code, we add wings to your idea to make it reach the goal.



We only launch your project after successful completion of your work to see you happy and satisfied.

Let's Work Together

Our Mission

Our mission is to create software solutions that can add values to our clients’ businesses. We believe a solution can be derived from sincere research, deep understanding and transformation of knowledge. We just not write codes rather transform business knowledge of our clients into programs, add life in to technologies to perform. We believe in using our innovation power to bring the best for the society. We like to walk together with our investors, employees and customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be cognizable while studying businesses, innovative while conceptualizing a solution, accomplished while development and meticulous while deployment. We aspire to be most cost effective application developer for startups and corporates. We want to be ahead of age while exploring new avenues of technologies. We wish to be able to implement complex programs with simplest approach. We desire to articulate business with code.


We worship our work and every project is like a prayer to us,
so we input our 110% to make our client happy.

Our Happy Customers

Hear from them

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Some of Our Fun Facts


projects launched


satısfıed clıents


Cups of Coffee

The Avengers behind ABC

We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals,
who can solve your any technical problems.


Hetal Pushpa Mehta

The backbone of Ansi ByteCode LLP. A dream which he saw years ago and now has come to life. Soft spoken person with the best ability of handling the entire company to its full potential. Being a developer from within, he understands the in and out of the system and plays his card on the right time. Always stand with his team and A HERCULES in true spirit.

Asst. Manager – HR AND Admin

Meghavi Pragnesh Mehta

A support of the backbone of the company. She is strict but caring. she got many interpersonal skills. Very compassionate about her work and one of the most dedicated employee ABC has. Some other skills which she possess are: communication, approachable, time management and self-discipline, delegator and most importantly a motivator.

Asst. Project Manager

Tejpal Singh Rathore

An effective project leader is often described as having a vision of where to go and the ability to articulate it, and Tejpal has this within him. Good with communication, technical understanding and best in all elements of work life. Call it honesty, integrity, responsibility or loyalty, Tejpal has it all.

System Analyst

Naishadh Rakesh Patel

System Analyst by designation and a Microsoft Certified Developer in .Net technology. Energetic person, productive, motivated, strong work ethic, gets a lot of work done in the available working time. Humble by nature and recognizes that other people are smart and have great ideas and deep knowledge with intellectual work theories and moreover he respects relationships more than technology. Technically spear heading the organization.

Sr. Software Engineer

Chintan Dinesh Patel

Microsoft Certified Developer for a decade now. A technocrat with helping nature and always on toes to help anyone out in the Net team. Got a matured analytical mind that’s because he loves Coffee. One of the best quality in him is he has got Business oriented approach to software development. Purely a team member who think more about the team then himself. An asset of ABC.

Sr. Software Engineer
Vijay Patel

Vijay Dhiru Patel

Another Microsoft Certified Developer, with ABC from the day of foundation, an asset and gem to the company. The fairly best skill about this is comprehension, who can make sense of software requirements and understand what it is that needs to be built, able to grasp the “mental model” of the internal structure of a software application. Can quickly fit into any team and perform as expectations.

Sr. Software Engineer

Kruti Ketan Talati

A Microsoft Certified Developer in .Net technology. A creative developer not only with the code but also in the field of art. Well versed with the SDLC cycle and capable of delivering the expected target deadlines with ease and a smile on the face. Azure and AWS Cloud enthusiastic & executor. A Scrum Master that drills down the details of the requirements shared. Quick learner, Process lover and Skillful lead.

Software Engineer

Chirag Kundan Vaishnani

Microsoft Certified Developer from Saurastra, Gujarat, capable to taking up any complex API integration work with an ease. In Depth understanding of database helps him to explore the business rules and execute the 2 way integration of Push and Pull between 2 or more heterogeneous applications such as NetSuite, Xero, Xtracta, AuthO , CoMindWare quite seamlessly. ABC’s API champion.

Software Engineer

Devarsh Nagin Prajapati

Our youngest Microsoft Certified Developer, joined the ABC family as a fresher & have turned into a Techno WizKid. Smart, Agile and a person with a true sportsman spirit. Crazy Cricket & Table Tennis fan who never loses hope till the last ball is delivered or served. Has a good hand on NO SQL database with Azure service buses and Data Visualization that summarizes complex data on with a bird eye view on dashboard.

Software Engineer

Parth Sudhir Talaviya

Target oriented Microsoft Certified Developer that can take up the most challenging task or project with the contagious smile on his face. Delivering the tasks with the set goals is his speciality but adding up his two cents over the given feature is just like adding cherry on the cake. Expert in NO SQL Database Design, Agile Execution and implementing complex Distributed Caching on a SaaS application are few of his acheivements.

Join the team of Avengers

Our Happy Memories

We have got a lot of happy memories and we love to share a few with you.

Let’s build your dream together.

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