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Ecommerce Development

Online shopping has long become absolutely common in any part of the world. That is why every business is trying to reap benefit out of it. If you want to start selling online, we will help you from the very beginning to do everything right, providing not only an online store development but also consulting at each stage of bringing your business online.

Benefits of ecommerce development with Ansi ByteCode

Do you want the funds invested in the development to be paid off as soon as possible? We will not make you wait.

The system approach, the orientation to meet deadline and the clear distribution of tasks by teams allowed us to adjust the online store creation method. As a result, you get a ready-for-sale resource 45 days after the start of work.

We offer:

  • A dedicated team of minimum 5 people for each project.
  • Dedicated project manager, who oversees the entire development cycle.
  • System approach to development.
  • Reliable tricks for high conversion.
  • Full-featured and convenient online store.
  • Analysis of the market, competitors, and needs of the target audience.
  • Support at the start: a team of marketers with solutions to attract the first customers.
  • Project preparation for promotion: internal optimization.

The stages of ecommerce development with us

1. Planning

The online store creation begins with analyzing the client’s and his business needs, as well as identifying the true business goals the project must achieve. To do this, the manager conducts a series of meetings with the customer, which clarifies even the smallest details that allow us to create an effective online store.

2. Solution

After signing the contract for the technical task development, the manager together with the technical director makes up a document that will guide the team which works on creating the online store (designer, layout designer, programmer, tester and project manager). At the same stage, we define the engine (CMS) that the site will use. We work with the following CMS: WordPress with Woocommerce plugin, OpenCart, Magento, MODX, Shop-Script, Prestashop, ATG Oracle, Bitrix, Drupal, IBM WebSphere, Hybris, Shopify.

When everything is approved by the client, both sides sign a contract and we start working.

3. Implementation

The e-commerce development consists of several stages and on an average it takes about 45 days.

Everything begins with the page architecture development, in accordance with all the usability rules. The next step is creating the website design which is the most creative stage of the work. The designer thinks out a creative idea, experiments with forms, and the client chooses what is right for him.

And when the online store is filled with content and passed the quality check, we share with client for the feedback on look and feel. After the design layouts are approved, we work with the layout and the programming part.

It may seem to be the final stage. But in fact, everything is just beginning, because now you need to bring the customers.

4. Development

We create all required functionality, all features that makes your store on of it’s kind. Once we complete quality checks we demonstrate from our test server. Finally we upload it on the client’s domain, set up the hosting and teach you how to work with the site.

When you order the ecommerce development from Ansi ByteCode, we provide the best in class features, ensure best user experiences, ensure that the site plays the right role in your business to maximize your profitability.

Contact Ansi ByteCode right now and get the e-commerce website of the highest quality.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


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