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QA Testing Service

QA Testing Service

Testing is one of the most important steps in software development. It is necessary for the QA team to perform the testing while developing a website, mobile app, or custom enterprise solution. Ansi ByteCode provides professional QA testing service for your development services or product.

When do you need a QA and testing?

  • Before go to market with your new product
  • Pages are loaded very slowly even with a small number of visitors at the same time.
  • An error message continually displays.
  • The site does not display correctly in different browsers.
  • Less or no conversion.

The main tasks of software testing

The purpose of testing is a comprehensive check between the expected system performance and the real performance in comparison to the requirements. To achieve this goal, the testers perform the following tasks:

  • Creation of artificial situations that could potentially arise during the work.
  • Monitoring the processes of target actions within the system influenced by the incentives.
  • Analysis of the website/application reaction to the proposed conditions and its compliance with the established model.

What QA testing services we offer

1. Analysis of software documentation for testability and consistency. The product requirements will be analyzed for completeness, consistency, and testability. Requirements can be in any format convenient for you: business document, technical documentation, agile documentation (backlog).

2. Development of software testing strategy. Writing a test plan at any stage of software development, expert evaluation of the required labor costs for testing.

3. Functional software testing. Full product or service functionality testing. Functionality testing is possible at any stage after the start of software development, from the prototype to the ready to use version.

4. UI, localization, and software documentation testing. Full testing of what your software product looks like.

5. Software Performance Testing. Testing your software for behavior under the high load. It includes stress and stability testing.

6. Independent acceptance testing. Existing software testing based on ready-made acceptance tests or developing the own acceptance tests.

What you will get after testing

  • Confidence in your own product.
  • Complete information about the product status (list of tested components, list of found errors, an estimate of a possible number of errors at the next development stage).
  • Documentation of the testing results (reports, lists of found errors) in a format that is convenient for you.
  • Used test data, acceptance tests, scripts.

Contact Ansi ByteCode to learn more about our QA testing services and order your software product testing.

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