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Microsoft and its diverse technologies

Microsoft and its diverse technologies

You will be amazed to know that nowadays almost millions of people are using this technology in their day to day life. The main work of the Microsoft Programmer is to create software that will give instruction to the devices like cars, a computer so that they can work effectively. The applications of Microsoft Technologies include from Multination Corporation to the companies that are comparatively small which only counts on the inventory system so that their work keeps flowing.

Due to the advancement of the .NET, you can now easily build the dynamic enterprise class applications. And the sole reason behind it is that.NET allows development any Microsoft supported development languages. We have some of the trained VB.Net, C++ and C# developer. The best part is that it has become very much popular among the developers. We at the ANSI ByteCode LLP have succeeded in establishing long term record for completing the robust .NET applications.

Microsoft Technologies Services offered by ANSI ByteCode LLP

There are several services that are offered by us. Mentioned below are some of those services:

  • Microsoft.Net – If you have planned to accommodate your business with the Microsoft .Net then let me bring this into your information that we can supply a solution to all your needs. The applications that we deal in varies from the simple to the most complex one, on an addition if required then you can even get is customized as per the requirements. We work as per your demand, and your satisfaction in every aspect is our primary goal. We have employers who are not just qualified but at the same time, they also hold good knowledge over this field.
  • Microsoft Share Point – It is a platform which helps to combine all the data and the workflows for an organization. With the help of this platform, you can easily organize the information in a systematic manner across the board. The main merit is that the accessibility of the information is greatly increased in turn serving as a user friendly interface. The Microsoft Share Point platform has a wider set of customization and features.
  • Microsoft Azure – Cloud Computing made easy with Microsoft Azure, the flexibility offered by the Microsoft Azure helps businesses to serve as capabilities of both platform, infrastructure and software service. Nowadays these services are integrated with the IT environment which has resulted in the scalability of the Cloud based IT infrastructure. The platform that is provided by the Microsoft Azure are Web Application, Elastic SQL, BizTalk service, WCF, Virtual Machines, Logic Apps and Services etc. These are served as cost effective and maintenance friendly manner to the end customer. It’s a boon for the start-ups to bring down their infrastructural cost at the initial phase of their journey.

We at the Ansi ByteCode LLP provide you with the wide range of Microsoft Technologies services from the Microsoft App development to the trained individual in the latest technologies. The Microsoft CoE has given you the opportunity to take complete advantage of the Microsoft services. We at the ANSI ByteCode LLP combine all the innovation development so that in turn we can produce an effective solution for your organization. There are many companies who are benefited by our diverse service and have successfully attained an exponential data growth. We also offer testing service so that we can not only build but also deploy window application. Mentioned below are some of the technologies in which we are specialized in.

  • MVC 5 / Web Forms
  • Entity Framework
  • Web API
  • Microsoft Silverlight and SharePoint
  • Windows Workflow Foundation –  WWF
  • Windows Presentation Foundation – WPF
  • Windows Communication Foundation – WCF

Looking for development in Microsoft and its diverse technologies?

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