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Microsoft Office 365 services

Microsoft Office 365 services

Many companies strive to automate their business processes and use various instruments. One of the most efficient and advanced among them is Microsoft Office 365. ANSI ByteCode LLP experts provide the full range of Microsoft Office Integration services for the companies of any size.

What is Office 365 in general and how it can help your business?

Office 365 is subscription based and is regularly updated software package which includes the most popular Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote. Additionally, there are various options available to opt for such as you can get a high-performance corporate email with 50 GB per mailbox, shared calendars, 1TB of data storage for each user, and a video conference tool (Skype for business).
You will be able to use the applications on up to 15 devices: 5 tablets, 5 smartphones, and 5 computers on any supported operating system.

Why does your business need Office 365?

Cost-effectiveness. No initial investment is required to purchase new equipment and software.
Integration with other apps. You can use our Office 365 integration service to expand your business flexibility.
Fewer efforts to manage the company processes. Built-in top-class protection against spam and malware,easy-to-use web-based administration console for adding/removing users, configuring the email and file sharing policies.
Mobility. Access from any place via the Internet, settings export, document control automation.
Reliability. Automatic backup, 99.9% uptime financial guarantee.
Keep in touch. Connect to your Office 365 account to access the latest versions of documents, synchronize files with OneDrive.
Cooperation and teamwork. Hold effective online meetings and video conferences with up to 300 colleagues, add notes, share documents in real time. Create a group mailbox and share the documents not overloading the mail server with bulk files. Manage documents access through OneDrive or SharePoint.

Why should you cooperate with ANSI BYTECODE LLP?

Long-term partnership. We plan how to make your business more efficient with Office 365. Our experts manage the process of integration to the cloud and then provide the long-term support.
The latest technological trends. We provide the Microsoft Office 365 set up and office 365 integration services to help your company to take all the benefits of using the Microsoft cloud technologies.
Effortless migration. We do all the necessary to migrate your email and other processes to Office 365 ourselves — your IT department can continue to do their specific tasks.
Hastening. We help you to expand, grow and speed up your cloud platform to capture the full benefits of Office 365 investment.


Our specialists analyze your needs and help to benefit the Office 365 integration. We analyze all your IT infrastructure and offer the roadmap to achieve the greatest results and business efficiency.


Then we can discuss and develop the roadmap how to move your business to the cloud. We pay attention even to the smallest details to provide the safest and the most secure integration.


We create the demonstrations presenting all the Office 365 benefits for your company. Additionally, our professionals help your IT team to understand all the integration potential.

Hybrid solution

When integrating with local server products, we create a hybrid environment which can simplify the migration to Office 365. In addition, you can store some data locally, and some — in the cloud.

In hybrid cloud solutions, you integrate your local applications and data with cloud services. Office 365 offers several hybrid solutions for cloud computing, including Microsoft Exchange, Skype for business, SharePoint and OneDrive for business.

Looking for development in Microsoft Office 365 Services?

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