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Web Forms Development

Working Environment of Dot Net Web Forms

In this global world, the business never shuts down around the Clock. Therefore, it is very much important for a business that you find some innovative ways in order to reach their customer. Additionally, you must also strength workforce so that end user requirement could be achieved very easily. It is for sure that if you want to operate your business at an extraordinary speed then you will have to switch to the modern business application.

ASP .NET had been on the market since long years back. And the best part of the ASP Dot NET Web Forms is that it has developed into the dynamic way that are robust in performance and secure. It provides a healthy platform in the building of the web application which includes HTML5.

History of DOT NET Web Forms

ASP.NET introduced the concept of segregation in the development process and allowed the developers to just managing code in the code behind the files with suffix as “.aspx.cs”, which also contains a partial class. This class is very much helpful when you want to add dependencies to a page. In order words, we can also say it as a repository, all that you need to do is create a custom repository in the constructor of the edit an entity class. After the creation of the constructor, you can use it anytime in the class.

Features of the ASP Dot NET Web Forms

There are various features of the ASP .NET Web Forms but only a few are included in this serious and are listed below.

  •    Bootstrap
  •    Web Application Project
  •    Entity Framework Code
  •    ASP.NET identity
  •    Routing
  •    ASP.NET Error Handling
  •    Request Validation
  •    Master Pages Configuration
  •    Unobtrusive Validation

Further development of the ASP.NET Web Forms

The Web forms have been evolving and there are lots of improvement that is being made continuously over the time. The developers are mainly targeting in the ASP.NET web forms in order to support the latest trends in the web development. In another way, this will also help them to get encouraged by the announcement that is made by the team at Microsoft. But this does not indicate that we will have to be solely dependent on HTML5 until or unless it is completely supporting visual studio or ASP.NET.

There are lots of enhancements that are made in ASP.NET web forms like it supports model binding and it also binds the data control directly to the data access methods. You will be amazed to know that the web forms directly convert the data from the form fields, cookies and ViewState into the method parameters. All that you need to do is make use of these parameters in order to make updates to the database. Moreover, now you can write strongly typed but not only that, two-way data binding expressions in Web Forms data control is also made possible. Due to this new approach now you can easily access the complex properties of the data controls. If you desire then you can also combine this expression with the new model binding feature.

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