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UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Visually attractive and convenient user interface is a key indicator of website quality. In combination with a competent structure and logical navigation through the resource sections, you need best ui design to attract visitors and improves the website functionality.

The main task in designing the web interfaces is to simplify the user’s experience as much as possible, to make them get the desired result, spending minimal efforts. Well planned and designed tabs, buttons, and other design elements help to improve the website usability for every user especially for those who use the mobile device to access it.

Ansi ByteCode LLP team has created best Ui designs for it’s clients. We have a proven track record to develop the website and application UI and UX. They are two different concepts that should be considered separately.

Components that are related to the UX design:

  • Usability;
  • Information architecture;
  • Functionality;
  • Interactive design;
  • User interface;
  • Decoration;
  • Graphic design.

UX is used for:

  • Defining the final goals and task assignment;
  • Selection of tools;
  • Product development;
  • Analysis of results.

At the beginning of the UX design development era, the term UX architecture was popular, as UX design affects not only the visual component of the interface but also the structure, data organization, and solutions for optimizing the processes on the site. The main task of UXD (User Experience Design) is to help the user to get what they want quickly and conveniently.

The features and benefits that UX UI provides are the following:

  • When entering a site with a good interface, the visitor immediately understands the resource topic and the actions that he can perform on it.
  • The visitor can solve any problem in a minimum number of obvious steps — ideally, not more than three.
  • Information on the site is structured logically, each section can be reached in no more than three clicks or taps.
  • The design offers an optimal solution for any situation like the site niche, target audience, business goals, and does not offer template solutions

UI design is a user interface that is one of the components of UX. It consists of a complex of technical elements, processed graphically. The best UI design feature is to make the interaction between users and the site easier. The main rules: grouping, organization, alignment and a single style of interface components, free space on the page.

Stages of prototyping the site

Prototyping the user interface of the site is an important stage of development. It consists of creating a page layout with the necessary elements (buttons, forms, grids etc.).

  1. Defining the requirements.
  2. Creating the prototype.
  3. Introduction to the customer, analyzing the moments that require changes.
  4. Making changes.

The ways of prototyping the interfaces

In the world of IT-services, there are several ways to implement this stage:

  • Paper prototyping. A quick and easy method for creating schemes which do not require the special software. However, when making changes, you will have to redraw the layout again.
  • Creating a site prototype with apps. This is the most common practice. Benefits: interactivity, accessibility, very easy to make corrections, save the result as an image or html-document.
  • Using the board. Advantages: scale, easy to change any component. Cons: information on the board is not available to all project members.
  • Online services. The major benefit of this method is that you don’t need to install special software.

Advantages of designing the web interfaces

  • a speed of coordination of details with the customer;
  • saving time for making edits;
  • as you identify the inaccuracies before the designing stage, it will take much less time to finish the project;
  • simplifies the content creation due to a clear structure;
  • the ability to test the site at an early stage;
  • minimum risks for the customer (initially it is paid only by design);
  • more informative than the text specifications.

The main reasons why you should order the UX interface design from Ansi ByteCode LLP:

  • Best UI design to suit application features and usablibity.
  • Significant work experience (we have been working on the market for similar services for more than 5 years);
  • Creative approach to each task;
  • Optimal solutions that meet the customers’ requirements by 100%.

Please contact us to learn more and order the services of the highest quality.

We are waiting for you!

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