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Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap Development

In the process of developing an web project, the interface and layout is a very important. Game site, online store, blog or a business card — the layout of all these types of resources is provided with CSS and HTML standards. Bootstrap development helps to unify the website interface and make it more attractive at the same time allows the content to be displayed on various devices that are of different size and orientation.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for developing mobile websites. Following are its main advantages

  • First, Bootstrap is the most popular framework, its nearest competitor has 3-5 times smaller community.
  • Second, it is not only CSS but also JS-framework. That is, Bootstrap provides pre-written styles and scripts and the developer just need to write down the necessary style classes and HTML attributes. Why is that so important? It highly reduces the development time — your project will be ready much faster.
  • Third, Bootstrap grid makes it easy to adapt any site to be displayed perfectly on any device.

Website layout using Bootstrap Development:

The website layout means separating the whole project into several parts. On the next step, the programming code will be implemented there. Before you order a service, it is important to determine what you exactly need. Today, there is adaptive and fixed layout. The first type is very popular because sites look great on any device. In fact, Google promotes the adaptive websites much higher than the fixed one.

What are the advantages of using BootstrapDevelopment?

  • Very easy to start — it helps to reduce the development time and save a lot of resources.
  • Unified grid system.
  • Pre-written styles for most HTML elements such as tables, buttons, typography, icons, forms, images, and code.
  • JavaScript plugins.
  • Great community and documentation.

Professional Bootstrap development consists of the following stages:

  • Planning. It is important to define tasks, discuss all the technical details, and specify all requirements (unique templates, animation, adaptability, cost, etc.);
  • Development. Ansi ByteCode LLP experts use technologies like JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS3, and HTML5;
  • Quality checking. Testing at all stages is a mandatory stage of the website development.

It is important to understand that the layout itself is not a ready site. It’s just an archive with images and files which are needed to be implemented to any CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Ansi ByteCode LLP developers will gladly implement your wishes and create a fully usable product.

Why us?

Website creation with Ansi ByteCode means:

  • the use of the most trendy and advanced technologies;
  • rational images and HTML pages size, as well as proper formatting;
  • preparing pages for search systems indexation;
  • developing the animation scripts based on jQuery, JavaScript or Ajax.

The cost of services depends on several factors. First of all, we are talking about the number of unique templates, technical specifications and the need to perform adaptive layout.

Why choose us? We do not break the deadlines, apply an individual approach to each client and do our work as better as possible! You will receive the finished product in time, and it will bring real benefits as quickly as possible.

Looking for development in BootStrap?

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