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Kendo UI /Dev Express Services

Kendo UI Development/Dev Express Services

The Ansi ByteCode experts team develops web-applications using .NET technology and has sufficient technical expertise to create high-quality web applications for customers from various business areas.

The services also include migration to .NET legacy software, customization of third-party software with an improved interface, integration of business applications, testing, and technical support. Our .NET developers are ready to create the most flexible and easily scalable solutions for your business.

The average experience of our developers is more than 5 years, and our portfolio includes more than 20 successfully completed projects.

What is Kendo UI and DevExpress

Our team are experts in Kendo UI development and DevExpress solutions. What are they and what are their benefits?

Kendo UI is a client framework developed by Telerik and has a set of multiple widgets (grid, graphics, diagrams, drop-down lists, etc.) based on jQuery, ASP.NET, Win forms, ASP.MVC, Silverlight and Core. In this framework, HTML5 and CSS3 technologies are used to the maximum extent. At the same moment, the technology supports old browsers due to graceful degradation. Additionally, it supports data binding, templates, animation, drag-and-drop interfaces and much more.

The developers promise high speed, mobile devices with touch interfaces support, as well as an aggressive product development policy (for example, users can offer certain features for future releases and vote for them).

DevExpress is a software package that includes many powerful controls and libraries for Win Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, Code Rush, and other technologies. The optimized tools allow programmers to develop flexibly customizable applications that meet specific business needs. It makes it possible to extremely simplify development in the .NET environment, and also offers advanced solutions for business.

What we do

Our highly skilled developers and experts create powerful UIs using Telerik Kendo in a very short time. We are equally expert with Dev express controls while using it in WPF, winforms etc.

What Ansi ByteCode LLP offers in Kendo UI Development or with Dev Express? 

  • Website and web applications developments using Kendo UI frameworks and DevExpress libraries. These technologies allow our programmers to provide the best solutions according to the latest standards. Your app will be fully featured and meet all your requirements. We also provide a full range of services to support solutions: from detailed analysis to follow-up support. All web apps are fully supported by all modern browsers.
  • Customization of third-party software. Our experienced developers will help to customize the applications created by other teams, in accordance with current business needs, including interface improvement and API development. Kendo UI and DevExpress help to unify the development process and improve your app efficiently. Additionally, we customize the interface built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using the Kendo UI widgets.
  • For the perfect functioning of the created applications and systems according to the business needs, Ansi ByteCode specialists perform quality app testing.
  • Application integration. For stable and manageable integration of business applications, we develop middleware and data connectors, create visualization and reporting tools, and integrate them with legacy systems.

Why us?

  • A full cycle of website and application development with Kendo UI development and DevExpress. We offer a full range of services, which includes a thorough business analysis of project requirements, design development, programming, project quality control, and technical support and training.
  • Transparency of Agile processes. Each project will be coordinated by an experienced Scrum-master, which allows providing high-quality development using the most efficient and transparent project management processes and proven methodologies. Our team of Kendo UI and DevExpress developers, managers, and business analysts are concerned about the project’s objectives being SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and implemented in a specific time frame.
  • Technically experienced developers. Our employees are always up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends in web development and have a lot of knowledge to create complex projects for a wide range of industries. Our deep knowledge and years of development experience allow us to create profitable projects that guarantee the return of your investments.

Contact us to get the best services. We want to see you our customers.

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