About Us

We’re passionate about the potential of technology. We believe in providing quality services to all our clients.

Who We Are: The Story of Passion and Purpose

Ansi ByteCode LLP has developed an exceptional reputation within the Global IT industry. The company was launched in 2014 and since then, it has been a thriving center. We presently utilize Microsoft Technologies and proudly hold the status of a Microsoft Solution Partner for Digital App & Innovation, along with maintaining a Gold Partner legacy of Microsoft in Application Development & Application Integration. We are a dynamic team comprised of dedicated professionals and continue to expand our capabilities and reach.

We take great pride in serving clientele worldwide. Our journey began with a brand commitment to ensuring customer success, and over the years, we have accumulated numerous industry awards and recognition. However, the most valuable recognition we cherish is the satisfaction of delighted clients.

At our workspace, we believe every team member is part of our extended family. This sense of companionship and unity encourages us to swiftly conquer every work situation and challenge. Together, we are dedicated to continuing our mission of delivering excellence and exceeding customer expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop software solutions that benefit the business operations of our clients. We believe that thorough research, in-depth comprehension, and knowledge transformation can contribute to an outcome. We do not simply develop codes; instead, we turn our clients’ business expertise into programs and infuse fresh life into outdated technology. We firmly believe in utilizing our capacity for innovation to improve society. With our clients, team, and investors, we relish taking walks together.

Our Vision

Our vision while developing applications is to provide users with smart and innovative ideas that flow naturally into their daily lives. We believe in developing technology that enhances productivity, enriches user experiences, and promotes global connectivity. We strive to be the most affordable application developer for businesses and startups. While researching new technological horizons, we strive to be ahead of the curve. We aspire to be able to utilize the simplest method possible to create sophisticated applications. We aim to articulate our business through coding.

The Avengers behind ABC

We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals,
who can help you solve any technical problems.

Mr. Hetal P. Mehta

The backbone of Ansi ByteCode LLP. A dream which he saw years ago and now has come to life. Soft spoken person with the best ability of heading the entire company to its full potential. Being a developer from within, he understands the in and out of a given system and plays his card on the right time. Always stand with his team and A HERCULES in true spirit. A Technocrat that turns Someone’s Vision in reality with his Code.

Ms. Rachita H. Mehta

The Heart of ABC and Commander in Charge of the day-to-day operations of the entire organization. As a commerce graduate with extensive experience in business administration and acumen, she is able to keep our organization running smoothly round the clock. She is in charge of all internal affairs and has strong analytical, managerial, communication, and leadership skills.

Ms. Meghavi k. Dave

As a People’s Manager she is strict but caring. she got aces in multiple interpersonal skills. Very compassionate about her work and is among one of the most dedicated employee ABC has. Some other skills which she possess are communication, approachable, time management and self-discipline, delegator and most importantly a motivator. Believes in leading from front.

Ms. Vacha S. Raval

A young, energetic and experienced people first mindset. Engaged in redefining the process & the experience of people, Soft spoken with firm guts & Intuitions she spear heads our people management processes with her acute people first mindset. Have the maturity to understand, plan and execute Strategies with people first approach that makes are the most favorited person in the Team.

Mr. Tejas R. Gujrati
Mr. Tejas R. Gujrati

A Certified Scrum Master & An effective project leader is often described as having a vision of where to go and the ability to articulate it, and Tejas has this within him. Good with communication, technical understanding and best in all elements of work life. With inherent mindset of agile, he can execute the complex project with success. Call it honesty, integrity, responsibility or loyalty, Tejas has it all.

Mr. Saket N. Jha
Mr. Saket N. Jha

A Business development executive that spearheads our marketing and sales team, capable of closing the deal with his charm over communication lines. A LinkedIn Champion and detail oriented executive. Patient listener and a thoughtful executor. Has helped Ansi ByteCode LLP to Achieve its targets and close several projects that makes a small difference in the lives of our customers.

Mr. Naishadh R. Patel

System Analyst by designation and a Microsoft Certified Developer in .Net technology. Energetic person, productive, motivated, strong work ethic, gets a lot of work done in the available working time. Humble by nature and recognizes that other people are smart and have great ideas and deep knowledge with intellectual work theories and moreover he respects relationships more than technology. Technically spear heading the organization.

Ms. Arusha B. Kamate
Ms. Arusha B. Kamate

Another Microsoft Certified Developer, with ABC from the day of foundation, an asset and gem to the company. The fairly best skill about this is comprehension, who can make sense of software requirements and understand what it is that needs to be built, able to grasp the “mental model” of the internal structure of a software application. Can quickly fit into any team and perform as expectations.

Mr. Yugma N. Gandhi
Mr. Yugma N. Gandhi

Our Experienced MERN Developer, joined the ABC family recently. He is soft spoken, Smart, Agile & a person with a core developer spirit. who never loses hope till the end. Learning & Adaptability is his key. Has a good hands on Microsoft technologies and Data Visualization that summarizes complex data on with a bird eye view on dashboard. Giving Simple Solution to Complex Problem is his way of Execution.

Ms. Harsha K. Nikam
Ms. Harsha K. Nikam

A Disciplined Microsoft Developer, Understands the nuance of code and design patterns. Expert MFA Integrator having a proven experience in Implementation of Windows Active Directory, Azure AD, Okta, OAuth and several off the shelf components. Well versed with Agile execution of a project, uses Azure Devops with ease. Quick learner, A Core Process lover and Skilful lead.

Mr. Urmik B. Prajapati

An Expert Microsoft Developer working on Several SaaS Application that has various API Integration including payment gateways, Google Calenders along with Scheduling calendar using Quartz.net, Kendo UI. Has a proven track record on implementation of Localization and Internationalization In Depth understanding of relational database and another ABC’s champion.

Ms. Heena B. Prajapati
Ms. Heena B. Prajapati

An Achiever, An Executor and a go getter MERN Stack Developer that can convert the mock-ups into live interactive forms using the magic of ReactJS. Well experienced in SignalR & BabylonJS implementations along with Agile execution using Azure DevOps. A razor sharp eye for the nuance of design makes her a creative frontend developer moving further Sprint by Sprint.

Mr. Jaimin G. Patel

A Microsoft Certified Developer in .Net technology. A creative developer not only with the code but also in the field of Management. Well versed with the SDLC cycle & capable of delivering the expected target deadlines with ease & a smile on the face. Azure and AWS Cloud enthusiastic & executor. A Lead that drills down the details of the requirements shared. Quick learner, Skillful Process lover.

Ms. NishuKumari V. Mishra
Ms. NishuKumari V. Mishra

An Expert developer in Microsoft Stack, who is expert in Dot Net API, Angular, Jquery, MVC & MS-SQL based applications, Habituated to take challenges and Delivering them above everyone’s expectations is her specialty. Azure & AWS Cloud enthusiastic & executor. Agile Execution & implementing complex task with simplicity is her forte. Execution with details is what he believes in.

Mr. Sanjay D. Makwana

As a detail-oriented Frontend Developer with expertise in Angular frameworks, he can deliver complex UI solutions with ease. Has prior experience with Angular Framework and API Integrations. Work on Linux and Windows deployments with Jenkins and Azure Dev-Ops. In the truest sense of the word, a champion. His strong suit is taking command of a project with ease.

Mr. Jenil B. Patel

A Microsoft Full Stack Developer with an eye to create feature rich applications based on .NET Frameworks. Fan of Automated processes and implementor. Capable to manage the Agile development process using Azure Devops, Build & release Pipelines along with Git repositories. Well verse with MVC Razor and off the shelf Asp Boiler Plate framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Blazor along with automated test case creation such as N-Unit, X-Unit and B-Unit too.

Mr. Rahil D. Vaghasiya

A Microsoft Full Stack Developer with in-depth knowledge of Bootstrap, jQuery, Web API, Microsoft SQL, Entity Framework, MVC Raz0r & .NET Core Framework. Have good knowledge of 3rd party API integrations such as payment gateways, SMS and Email providers such as Twilio. Expert in the off the shelf component utilizations such ask Kendo UI, ASP Boiler Plate. Always have an eye for perfection that adds to his capabilities to deliver product with top notch quality.

Mr. Jenil J. Jasoliya

A Microsoft Full Stack Developer with an interest in database structures and Relational Database System he has acquire an expertise knowledge in designing and executing complex database system. His skills in managing the database and fine tuning the same to get the apt performance is commendable. He is a champion in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting, Profiler and Tracing, he can deliver most complex reports with lightning speed and ease.

Mr. Kiran K. Bharsadiya

A Microsoft full stack developer well versed in the multiple .Net Frameworks. Have been working on several SaaS products based on ASPNET Boiler Plate, Entity Framework, Angular, Razor, Web Forms and .NET Core API. He has a keen interest in emerging Microsoft technologies & keeps himself updated with the latest development trends. An avid reader & Technical blog writer too.

Ms. Hina D. Desai

A manager who understands what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Can work in silence with the greatest impact visible to a larger audience. Her extensive administrative experience enables her to horn multiple hats at the same time. She is as essential to the smooth operation of any machinery to function without friction. She does have a Capability to understand as well as act immediately.

Mr. Nishant P. Kavthiya
Mr. Nishant P. Kavthiya

A Creative person of our team that lead the organization’s creative department. well versed with Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator and a creative mind he has rightly earned the title of Captain Creative. Loved & Appreciated for his work across the board has impressed hundreds of people outside with his work, he truly justifies the saying “Action speaks louder than words”.


Our Objectives


We thrive on ideation, transforming concepts into customized solutions by pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Our development process is more than just coding; it’s a transformative journey that uplifts your idea towards its ultimate aim.

Delivering Satisfaction

We prioritize your satisfaction, launching projects only when they meet your expectations, ensuring your convenience and success.

Why we exist

At Ansi ByteCode LLP, we place a high priority on maintaining our clients’ delight and are entirely committed to doing so. We firmly contend that innovation and creativity can culminate in significant change. By simplifying things faster and helping individuals and organizations, we aspire to promote interactions in a dynamic online setting.

The objective of our company is to function as an initiator for change by providing solutions that boost productivity, effectiveness, and general excellence in life. What motivates our team of dedicated professionals is seeing a future in which technology is a tool for beneficial purposes where every idea has the chance to become a reality, and where the success of our customers is our most significant achievement.

We seek to be more than simply a business; with unwavering integrity, a constant pursuit of quality, and a focus on long-term viability. We aim to be a valued partner in your journey towards development and success. Welcome to Ansi ByteCode LLP, where purpose and innovation join together to create a better tomorrow.

Our Clients

We worship our work and every project is like a prayer to us,
so we input our 110% to make our client happy.

Let’s build your dream together.