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Product Development Services

Product Development Services

Ansi ByteCode helps develop innovative products and solutions for many businesses and industries. Our product development services cover the full development cycle, from idea to market entry, and include hardware and software design.

Our engineers combine an understanding of the subject domain with the knowledge of system development and IT. Together with the ability to provide services around the world, this ensures excellent results and return on investment for our customers. We use a proactive approach to working with clients and always try to understand their point of view, in order to achieve the best result.

At the moment, Ansi ByteCode developed and maintains the following products.

Attendance Management System

This is a unique cloud hosted system to control the students’ attendance. This SaaS system will be extremely useful for schools, colleges, and educational centers. The main benefit of the system is that automates the attendance management in class, laboratory, or lecture room. Any teacher or even a family member can check whether the student attended the lecture.

Key features

  • Registration of students. Each of them will have a personal login and password.
  • Control over attendance on lectures or in classes.
  • Creating the groups.
  • Lectures schedule.
  • Various reports which may be sorted by students, lectures, or day and time.
  • Faculties and lectures activity tracking. It is possible to add the necessary learning material and control how it was covered.
  • Regular notifications by email and SMS.
  • Activate the service subscription.

The Attendance Management System helps all the educational institutions avoid manual attendance control.



This a great and unique Attendance Management System for the schools, colleges, and all other types of editorial institutions to automate the process of controlling the attendance on lectures, in classes and groups. The module allows integration with Salesforce.

It also supports the meta-data discovery and the schemas generation for Salesforce items.
It includes the Receive Adapter and the two-way Send Adapter which additionally supports for Updategrams, queries, as well as stored procedures.


Powerful Adapters that permit the Insurance Domain user to simply connect their Custom Application with Vertafore™ AMS 360 insurance workplace management system through normal orchestrations.


The complete package that may permit the Insurance Domain to integrate with their Salesforce CRM and may enable them to own a details hosted on heterogeneous software.

Contact Ansi ByteCode to learn more on how you can use our product development services to turn your innovative idea into reality.

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