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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

More and more users today use their mobile devices to access the internet and get specific services. According to Google, more than 60% of all internet users prefer smartphone and tablets over computers and laptops. That means that you must think about this group of your potential customers.

To satisfy their expectation,  you need a mobile app development company who can partner with your business to create a right solution. Why is it important to develop an application?

Here are some convincing facts about how useful mobile apps for business are:

Mobile gadgets users not only play games or send messages in social networks. Statistics show that the mobile Internet is selling. So hiring a  Mobile app development company will become an undeniable competitive advantage for your business:

  • Constant demand. On average, monthly mobile users regularly download or update 25 applications.
  • Ability to search for products. Mobile users do not use their smartphones or tables to play a game or share pictures with friends. 49% of mobile users use their smartphone to search the information, and 70% of them searched for a product or service.
  • Increased sales. Statistics say the mobile app highly increases the sales. 53% of mobile customers make monthly purchases
  • Increase the number of orders. 88% of people who come from mobile, buy within 24 hours. About 70% of them buy within 1 hour.

How we create mobile apps

1. Business analysis

First of all, it is necessary to understand why you need an app and what goals you plan to achieve with a mobile application. Do you want to sell, or just want to create an image project? It is equally important to understand the market where the client operates. How active are competitors, what the target audience likes and what applications they are usually using? All this is important, and all these questions need to be answered before the mobile app development. At the same stage, we help the client to choose mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Native or Hybrid).

2. Prototyping

Next, we begin developing a mobile interface. To do this, our specialists first create prototypes for the sections of the future application, taking into account the specific of users’ behavior while using the mobile applications. Later prototypes are given to a designer who develops the app design.

3. Coding

After the design is ready, Ansi ByteCode programmers start with the programming part. We use advanced technologies that help us to create a quality project in a reasonable time. Ansi ByteCode, being a top mobile app development company always create your mobile app with most advanced technological option available.

4. Testing and launch

Now, we are testing mobile app quality and performance. When the product is good to go to market, we send it to you or, if necessary, upload it to Play Store or AppStore. Of course, launching the application is only the beginning, because now you need to work on making sure that your target audience is using it.

Contact Ansi ByteCode now, and make sure that you get the mobile app of the highest quality.

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