Powering Core of Your Digital Ecosystem: Our Expertise in Backend Development

Any successful digital application or system must have a solid state and effective backend. At Ansi ByteCode LLP, we take great delight in our knowledge of backend development. Using modern technologies like ASP.NET Core, Microsoft.NET, MS Office 365, Web API, C#, and PHP, we can build safe, expandable, and effective backend solutions that will advance your business’s operations. Here’s how your digital endeavors can be improved by our expertise in backend development.


A flexible and effective framework for creating backend apps is ASP.NET Core. Your digital initiatives will have a strong foundation, thanks to the quick, secure, and scalable backend solutions that ASP.NET Core professionals can build.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We utilize ASP.NET Core to create programs that operate without an issue on a variety of operating systems, saving money on infrastructure and guaranteeing broad accessibility.

Real-time Data Binding

Real-time updates are made possible by Angular’s two-way data binding, which significantly improves user interaction and helps create a flawless, comprehensive experience.

Security Focus

Security is of the utmost importance, and our ASP.NET Core developers use best practices to safeguard your information and apps against dangers, giving you peace of mind.


A complete platform for creating, deploying, and executing applications is Microsoft .NET. Our Microsoft.NET specialists make use of its features to build comprehensive backend solutions that easily interface with your current Microsoft technologies and optimize your business processes.

Ecosystem Integration

To provide an integrated and effective digital environment, we link your backend with other Microsoft applications, such as MS Office 365 and SharePoint, using Microsoft .NET.

API Development

Using Microsoft.NET, we are experts in building reliable APIs that facilitate efficient data flow between applications and systems, both internally and with partners on the outside.


To ensure that your backend supports your particular workflows and procedures, our Microsoft.NET experts create solutions that are exactly matched to your organization’s demands.


A robust set of cloud-based productivity tools is MS Office 365. Our experience integrating and modifying Microsoft Office 365 guarantees that your backend is effective and increases productivity throughout your business.

Email and Communication

We integrate Microsoft Office 365 services including Outlook, Teams, and Exchange into your backend to improve communication and teamwork.

Performance Optimization

To ensure quick loading times and efficient user interactions, we optimize Kendo UI components for maximum speed.

Fluid Integration

To improve functionality and usability, our experts will effortlessly include Kendo UI widgets into your web applications.


Web APIs provide for frictionless connection between various software programs. Our Web API professionals create and implement APIs that simplify data integration and sharing, tying your digital environment together and opening up new opportunities.

Data Integration

To support a linked digital environment, we provide APIs that let your backend systems exchange data with external services, third-party apps, and partner systems.


Protecting your data and ensuring compliance with industry standards are top priorities, thus our Web API developers integrate authentication and permission techniques.


Our Web API solutions are highly scalable. As a result, your backend will be able to effectively handle an increasing volume of API calls and data transfers.


For backend development, two popular and extensible programming languages are C# and PHP. Our professionals use the power of C# and PHP to develop backend solutions that are specifically designed for your organization’s needs.

We create backend systems with our C# and PHP developers to perfectly match your organization’s operations, providing specialized solutions that fit your demands.

Whether you’re using SQL Server, MySQL, or another database system, we effortlessly link backend systems with databases to ensure effective data storage and retrieval.

Our expert professionals can efficiently optimize the backend code of your app. This helps to ensure that it reacts swiftly to user interactions and data requests, thus ensuring a successful performance.

Why Choose Us?

Emphasizing knowledge of backend programming to drive the center of a digital ecosystem:

Backend Development
Robust Design

Building strong architectural foundations is a strength of our backend development team. The foundation of your digital ecosystem is built on scalable, secure, and highly accessible technologies that we design. This guarantees that your platform can support expansion while maintaining top performance.

Data management

We are masters in effectively handling data. Our backend solutions are built to store, retrieve, and process data in an effortless way, using anything from databases to data processing pipelines. As an outcome, reaction times are quicker and data management is more trustworthy.

API Skill

Our expertise in integrating third-party APIs and services allows your digital environment to seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms. This enables improved functionality, like processing payments, integrating social media, and more.

Reliable Maintenance and Support

We maintain commitment after development. We offer continuous maintenance and support services to keep your backend infrastructure operating efficiently. This covers preventative maintenance, problem fixes, and ongoing enhancements.

Let’s build your dream together.