10 Benefits of Using Asp Boilerplate

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ASP.NET Boilerplate (ABP) is a powerful application framework that simplifies and accelerates the development of robust and maintainable web applications. It follows best practices and conventions to provide a consistent structure for building enterprise-level applications. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 benefits of using ASP.NET Boilerplate for your next project. This boilerplate is open source and readily available at ASP Boilerplate Site

Simplify the Development Process

  • When using this ASP.Net Boilerplate, it comes with convenient documentation that makes it simple to understand the framework.
  • Real-time notification features are provided.
  • For every entity type, ABP can generate repositories automatically. You can inject IRepository<TEntity, TKey> into your service. Every repository has some fundamental methods that come from the IRepository<TEntity> interface, which is quite helpful for fetching the values.

Session Management

  • Make session management effortless and provides Session Properties to obtain information about users and tenants.
  • It provides IAbpSession for overriding the values in some specific instances where you need to override the session values.


  • The inclusion of the multi-tenancy feature in .NET Boilerplate proves invaluable. Without it, developers would face the onerous tasks of manual database partitioning, devising methodologies for discerning the active tenant in every request, and handling extra complexities. Its implementation not only accelerates development but also minimizes error risks, showcasing its role as an efficient and reliable tool for optimizing the development process.

Domain Driven Design

  • Layered architecture is used to reduce complexity and improve code reusability, and this can be accomplished by utilizing Domain Driven Design.
  • Domain Driven Design is adhered to the ASP.NET Boilerplate. To give any web application a robust model, the developers can benefit from the DDD-based architectural model.

Built-in Dependency Injection

  • Dependency injection is a fundamental concept in modern application development. ASP.NET Boilerplate comes with a built-in dependency injection system that promotes loose coupling, enhances testability, and improves code maintainability by managing dependencies effectively.

Email Functionality

  • It is particularly helpful because it provides the basic minimum infrastructure for email sending, a function that practically all apps require.
  • This will save time and make work easier by providing IEmailSender, MailKit Integration, and defining parameters for configuring email sending.

Modular System

  • ABP has modular approach so can We can build them and then compose them thanks to ABP’s modular framework. likewise, for application startup and shutdown, it offers methods of modules, which we can also override. Because of the modular system Developers can reuse the code across different projects.


  • ABP includes built-in authentication and authorization methods that can significantly improve the security of your application.
  • Module Zero’s Login method uses the AbpUsers table for user authentication, or it can use classes to authenticate users from other sources.
  • ABP expands on ASP.NET Core Authorization by introducing permissions as auto policies and enabling the use of the authorization system in the application services as well

Exceptions Handling

  • Web request management is quite challenging, but ABP automates this, which means it can be difficult to manage web requests, but ABP automates this process, which means it handles all exceptions, maintains logs, and gives the user the appropriate response.

Background Processes

  • It offers features such as Background Jobs and Works that are used to carry out tasks in the background.
  • The use of background jobs allows for the persistent and queued execution of some tasks in the background.
  • Background workers are distinct from Background Jobs, which are employed when you want to perform a task again.


ASP.NET Boilerplate is a feature-rich framework that brings together various architectural best practices and tools, simplifying the development of complex and scalable web applications. With its modular design, security features, domain-driven design principles, and more, ABP empowers developers to create robust and maintainable applications efficiently. Consider adopting ASP.NET Boilerplate for your next project to leverage these 10 benefits and accelerate your development process.

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