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Accelerated Mobile Pages project is an ambitious Google’s initiative. It’s an open source project and open for anyone to contribute or utilize it. Google’s core mission for AMP is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful to each and every person.

In the AMP project the web needs to be maintain as thriving open access system. It is much different than what it used to be a decade back.  The basic objective of AMPs it to load web content at lightning speed.

Previously web was a series of destination that user remember and written to opt in something we can refer to as destination era. For example, going straight to Website URL to access local news or international news. Now it’s time to change where internet users are more frequently accessing content through an inter-medium such as social media, chat apps and of course search engines.

We can refer to this as post destination era because, I suppose to add specific website for example open up google search and type specific information we seek and reach on the destination site.

Additionally, we are more frequently accessing content with our mobile and other smart devices which provides different user experience than a relatively larger desktop screen with an extension of keyboard and mouse.

40% of the mobile devices worldwide are operating on 3G networks and the devices themselves are generally not as powerful as most computers.

This post destination era shifted to mobile as AMP project. Googles owns definition is the AMP is an open source web development framework which acts as a web component library and acquisition system so that developers can easily build reliably fast websites with excellent user experience.

AMP is a subset of classical Html but it is designed to address modern web challenges. AMP has seamless navigational capabilities, increase speed, reliability, security, user privacy and discoverability.

And compare to Responsive Web Design (RWD), RWD and AMP both work on Mobile devices but both are having different goal. As we know that Responsive Web Design is a method of web designing so that it works on all device from a desktop to a mobile but Accelerated Mobile Page is a framework designed for delivering content to mobile users instantly.

Pros of AMP:

  • High Speed: Accelerated mobile pages have a high speed advantage over previously development mobile pages and with the quick & hassle free process users will more interested in content and purchases.
  • High Visibility: AMPs allows websites results to be displayed in Google’s “Top Stories” carousel.
  • High Visitor Engagement: AMPs allows to leave comments, follow links, watch embedded videos with no distraction.

Cons of AMP:

  • Losing of Internal Links: This is a massive drawback of AMP that can cause websites to lose inbound links.
  • Difficult to develop: AMPs are not easy to develop most of the functions require manual customization’s.
  • Limited functionalities: AMP have limitations with JS and CSS also implementation is not easy.

So at the last, AMPs are more useful to News websites, blog sites & other content focused on websites because AMP was only designed for content with rich quality, articles, recipes type of websites. There are few of countries who are struggling with slow internet connection so AMPs are advantage for the audience who is having slow internet connection.


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