ASP.NET Core and its Diverse Unique Features

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ASP.NET Core and its diverse unique features ASP.NET Core is a program that is used for building feature-rich superior quality applications that come with distinct advantages of their own. Plenty of application developers recommend the use of ASP.NET Core due to the wide range of benefits that it has to offer. Whether you are looking to create applications for Android, Mac or Windows, you can rely on ASP.NET Core for having access to the finest technological tools to create the best quality apps.

So let’s have a closer look at ASP.NET Core and see what are the features that make it distinctly unique.

Cross-platform support and container compatibility

The development of .NET Core has made it possible for many people to create state of the art ASP.NET applications and then deploy them for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows phones. The Microsoft community has made a major effort to make Linux a perfect platform for running the ASP.NET. It also offers great compatibility for various types of container programs. Leading containers like Docker and Kuberenetes are quite popular these days.

Superior performance

Performance is always a very critical aspect of any software. ASP.NET Core and Kestrel web server can work together to make ASP.NET one of the best and fastest web application development frameworks in the world. The technology that is used for powering the IIS and ASP.NET integrated pipeline was many years old. The all-new Kestrel web server has been redesigned from scratch to take full advantage of the asynchronous programming models. This also makes it quite lightweight and super fast.

Unified MVC frameworks and Web API frameworks

Prior to the development of ASP.NET Core, most of the developers were using MVC along with the Web API frameworks. The MVC was customized for creating the web applications that only presented HTML. The Web API was created for working on RESTful services with the help of JSON or XML. However, with the ASP.NET Core, the MVC and the Web API technologies have been smartly merged together. While there was always plenty of overlap between the 2 frameworks, merging them together allowed developers to benefit from both while still using the same platform. Instead of HTML, MVC could return the JSON data. Combining these two was a great move to simplify the whole process of development.

Dependency injection

A major feature that has been included in the ASP.NET Core is dependency injection which has been built into the framework. This feature is already being used extensively by developers working with the ASP.NET MVC for managing functions such as database contexts, logging contexts as well as other things that are passed into the MVC controllers.

Support for WebSockets

The ASP.NET offers excellent support for the WebSockets and can be used for managing long running connections and also communicate efficiently with the browser. This not only makes it a lot easier to manage the day to day common scenarios. They can be used for managing current moni.

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