Top Reasons That Enterprises are Choosing ASP.NET Core For Web Application Development

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About eighteen years ago, Microsoft created a web development framework, ASP.NET Core, for building dynamic web pages, applications, websites and services. Since then, the framework is continuously getting successful remarks from the developers, programmers and coders all over the globe due to the presence of numerous features. It extends the .NET framework while adding tools, libraries, components especially required to build dynamic web applications. In this blog, we explain reasons to choose ASP.NET Core for developing web applications and why enterprises are choosing this framework for their business. Here are some top reasons;

Cross-Platform Compatibilities

ASP.NET Core joins MVC architecture and Web API into a single framework and enables the developers to use this potent framework for every type of platforms, i.e. Windows, macOS, Docker and Linux. As it supports multiple platforms, developers can reuse the same code again and again for multiple platforms. Hence, with ASP.NET Core, enterprises can build a massive audience irrespective of the platform they use. 

Open-Source Framework

Fortunately, ASP.NET Core is an open-source programming framework, which means that any developer can get the code from GitHub, make changes, vary it according to his pre-requisites. The presence of a wide range of community also helps you to fix bugs, glitches and errors quickly and smoothly. Since Microsoft is considered as one of the foremost professional enterprises, it regularly releases updates and provides seamless integration to complete the task in limited time. With the released updates, there’s no need to change the entire code, thus saving the developer’s time and effort.

Fast and Scalable Framework

It is evaluated by TechEmpower Round 19 that ASP.NET Core is one of the fastest and scalable frameworks in contrast to any other popular web framework. TechEmpower Benchmark tool enables developers to determine the performance of ASP.NET metrics. Fast and scalable features provide developers with seamless integration to embed excellent performance, reliable and flexible characteristics in their application. The Core has removed the internet information server dependencies, loading excess, and reduced the preload time frame of third-party libraries, making a lightweight and user-friendly environment for building dynamic applications. 

MVC Architecture

The initiative of MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture changes the entire workflow for developing the applications. Now, it becomes easy to write code, view coding lines, control errors, and test the complete application. Thus, testing can be done in a better and accurate way by analysing every coding line separately. Additionally, all .NET Core applications also exploit Kestrel web server that provides opportunities of asynchronous programming access, non-blocking web support, timers and consistent process.

Razor Pages

ASP.NET Core introduces the concept of Razor Pages, which allows the developers to make coding page-focused cases easier, smoother and productive than using viewer and controller. Being a trivial and flexible framework, Razor Pages give complete control over-extracted HTML along with the clean separation of interests. In short, for developing dynamic web applications with ASP.NET Core, developers need Razor Pages to deploy dynamic properties.

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