Why Enterprises Must Integrate Big Data Analytics with .NET Development?

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Why Enterprises Must Integrate Big Data Analytics with .NET Development?

The volume of data is increasing due to the massive use of mobile communication, cloud computing infrastructure, escalating development and large deployment of IoT, AI, ML and DL. The massive adoption of these technologies is continuously driving the growth of Big Data analytics as over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced each day, reported by Big Data Analytics Industry Report 2020. 

We can’t deny the importance of Data for running the business operations. Data is the heartbeat of the business industry. Business analysts collect data from diverse channels and perform different algorithms on this data to extract useful information. By getting deep insights and useful analytics, business analysts make right decisions, helping them to drive growth.

Technically speaking, Big Data is an enhanced terminology that has different predictive models and probability algorithms to analyze extensive data sets for making an accurate decision and business planning. As the data sets are available in extensive size, it is a tedious task to handle them. Therefore, business organizations and corporate companies are looking out for smooth and flexible ways to make this entire process easy.

To manage and handle vast data sets, enterprises are using the integration of the .NET framework and Big Data. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of this integration. But before that, we must know the meaning of this integration. 

.NET framework developed by Microsoft is the potential framework and equipped with comprehensive functionalities for building complex applications. Due to the exploding demand of Big Data, .NET development enterprises are offering tremendous integration solutions to fulfil the requirements of Big Data. 

Although many technologies offer Big Data integration solutions, .NET framework provides more powerful and seamless integration than others, including the Power BI. Power BI is a well-known data analytics and open ecosystem software designed by Microsoft.

Subsequently, most of the world-wide enterprises are embedding the integration of .NET and Big Data to process the massive volumes of data sets. It helps them to take well-informed actions and to harness the full potential of Big Data insights. Therefore, try the combination of .NET with IIS server, and determine how you can achieve high business growth. 

Scalable and flexible business solutions are the utmost benefits of this integration. Let’s discuss other benefits in detail;

Better Decision Power

The integration of .NET and Big Data by Microsoft is customizable. It means that business belonging to any niche or category can mould it according to its requirements. This feature of integration enables the business owners and big data analysts to make better decisions for their business. The integration allows real-time analyses, displays pattern quickly and makes an instant decision to drive business revenues.

Cost Reduction

This integration divides the large size of data into a small and refined form, which helps companies to deploy only small storage, database and infrastructure. With a minute size of storage, a business can cut down their expenses. Thus, it is a friendly and yet cost-effective approach for businesses.

Outstanding Data Accuracy

The Big Data exploits surveys, feedback, social interaction, reviews, customer satisfaction rates to generate analytics and patterns. This presents a 360 overview in front of an organization about their services, product quality, customer satisfaction and business opportunities. 

The outcomes of Big Data analytics are then compared with the previous one to understand the complete behaviour of customers and business solutions.

Rapid & Effective Issue Resolution

As it is discussed in the above point that this integration offers an effective approach through which business can address challenges; thus enabling them to identify a solution immediately. With this integration, enterprises can find answers to complex questions.

Final Thoughts

Every enterprise wants to know what their customer feels about product & services. All the business owners want to bring the best for their clients; this can be achieved through accurate business decisions and thoughtful insights. The integration of Big Data and .NET development is the ideal approach to gain insights.

This integration supports them to build fruitful digital strategy by using only raw data sets.

The results of this strategy will help the owners to change their existing business strategy according to the demands of customers, and to acquire more profit from their products & services.

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