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How to keep one-self up to date as C# developer?

As we know that Software Development is a field where you need to get yourself updated on daily basis. Break from this routine can leave you behind quickly. A colleague of mine, asked me that how to keep myself updated as a software developer? This question triggered a thought that i am sharing in this blog.

Being a MicroSoft C# developer, I assume that following are the core skills that every developer should have first.

  1. C# basics like data types, arrays, structures, generics
  2. Web Application and Windows Application architecture understanding
  3. Understanding of client side and server side scripting
  4. Little understanding of Design Patterns

Few of are some popular sites that I know to learn some of these core skills

  1. W3Schools.com
  2. guru99
  3. tutorialspoint
  4. net-tutorials

Core skills are important to learn but it is also necessary to apply the knowledge we have gained to programming and for that you have to work. The more you work, the more chances are there to learn new things.

Sometimes, you might need to help others and solve their issues to acquire new things. Some online contents are available that provides bundle of knowledge and even coding exams based on your programming knowledge so that you can evaluate them and understand where you stand and where you need to reach.

Up-gradation is “Key

Below are some references which are all popular and useful in different types.


Here are some interesting blog sites which has various topics available related to Microsoft technologies.

  1. Scott Hanselman Blogs
  2. C# Corner
  3. Dev blogs
  4. Kudvenkat Blogs
  5. Ankit Sharma’s blog

Video tutorials

Today, we all know that the visual medium is more popular than any other medium of sharing something. So, video tutorials is playing vital role in sharing knowledge and updates of technologies.

Following are some video channels from YouTube, which might help you in learning C# and Other Microsoft Technologies.

  1. Microsoft Azure Friday
  2. Channel 9
  3. Kudvenkat
  4. Tim Corey Challenges
  5. lynda.com


Email newsletters are something which will keep you up to date with current events or updates happening in the world. This might be a daily, weekly or monthly updates shared to your inbox related to specific topics.

  1. DotNetKicks
  2. Net Community
  3. Net
  4. DonetWeekly
  5. C# Digest

You can go to this sites and subscribe for the newsletters from there to get updates.

Take Away

I have tried to summarize all of the important sources to follow in the form of blogs, video tutorials and newsletters. Please keep in a mind that above references are the list which I am using for my own technical growth. It might happen that for you the list can be different. Now to become a good software developer you might need to follow some of below tips which is obviously conclusion of the discussion above.

  1. Try to learn at least one new thing in a day, which will let you learn a stack at the end of year.
  2. Resolve the issues and code as optimize as you can. This will let you know about the keywords and their usage to optimize your code.
  3. Read articles as much as you can on the specific topics related to your needs.
  4. As mentioned earlier, help others as you can. Create profiles on stack overflow or any forums that is helpful for developers and go through the recent issues posted on the same. Try to share the answers for unattended questions.

All the best

Happy Coding!!!

Author: Naishadh Patel 

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