Node.Js - A Reliable and Scalable Approach For Web Development

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Node js development While working with server-side development, developers need reliable platform that can effectively build hasty, scalable, responsive web apps, which has ideal features for data intensive, light weight and asynchronous environment. With Node.Js platform, developers unveil all these benefits. Initially, Node.Js didn’t gain much popularity, but from 2017 onwards due to its extensive functionality, it is hitting the atmosphere of many renowned apps including LinkedIn, Trello, Uber, Walmart and PayPal. In the expansion of JavaScript landscape from client to server side development, Node.Js plays an indispensable role in its shifting. Let’s discuss why Node.Js is becoming leverage approach in web development.

Smart Handling of Concurrent Requests

Node.Js- A non-blocking I/O architecture, single-threaded model/event-loop, is capable of handling multiple requests as compared to Python or Ruby. Although node.js is single threaded method, but it is capable of performing concurrent operation through libuv library, a powerful library that helps background workers to perform various process.

Non-Blocking or asynchronous model permits more than one processing operations. With event-loop, node.js can organize asynchronous operations. Such architecture allows developers to carry out multiple tasks. Due to this, it gains immense popularity in retailing and trading stores i.e. Walmart, which redesigned its mobile app by using Node.Js’s features.

Full-Stack Assistance

Node.Js, a single side programming language, offers complete solution for both server and client side application, which is the best option for full-stack development. So, there is no need to hire multiple developers for performing multiple backend and front-end development tasks. In addition, developers can readily use runtime atmosphere for writing full-stack application in JS. This saves time, money and compatibility issues.

Versatile Nature-Scalable, Fast & Extensive Framework

Certainly, programmer prefers node.js due to its versatile traits. Developers can do modification in both vertical and horizontal ways. They can advance their existing app by adding nodes, which is best scalable approach. Moreover, Google’s V8 JS engine enables developers to rapidly execute the JS code.

Also NPM, a node package module, developers can adapt packages, download tools, update applications, run packages and manage multiple code dependencies. With built-in APIs and JSON usage, developers can customize their application according to requirements. Thus, all these features make Node.Js an ideal framework for building IOT devices as compared to others.

Perfect choice for data streaming

Node.Js is not only beneficial for chat or real-time applications but also used for voice recording and data streaming.  Whether you want to transmit files, upload videos or send recording, you can fully perform with Node.Js platform, because it enables you to respond HTTP requests by reducing processing time period.

Final Lines

In short, Node.Js is becoming popular flavour of developers due to its tremendous abilities. It is already gaining huge appreciation as it enables developers to build scalable, swift, responsive and caching web apps by reducing processing interval. It behaves like ready-made ecosystem, which has promising I/O asynchronous framework, micro-service architecture, friendly support and growing community.  Indeed, an ideal choice for data-intensive apps as compared to other frameworks.

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