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Ripple – A wave that travels far away from its origin spreading the soothing experience of nature. Its origin can be a Droplet, a pebble, a leaf and its end seems to be on the horizon. We at Ansi ByteCode LLP are trying our humble efforts to start a “Ripple of Knowledge” to be shared with others, to give the same soothing experience via “Ripple To Share”.

As we all know that Books are the endless resource of knowledge from ages, even at this age of digitalization they yet hold the same impact and influence and the same has been shared or handed over from Generation to Generation, Year to Year and Semester to Semester. From Seniors to Juniors and then to their Juniors.

Ripple To Share” is a Platform that allows people to be part of this sharing, where they can share the book(s) that are idle for years, needs to be dusted and contributed to us. We acting merely as an agent to deliver it to the students that are interested in them, whether it’s part of their academics or the never-ending thirst to gain knowledge.

Key Feature of this Platform:

  • Non-Profit Intentions.
  • No Monetary exchanges involved.
  • An identity of the Contributor and Receiver are not revealed.
  • Simple Search based on ISBN or Book Title.
  • Free Pick-Up Facility.
  • Books can be collected from our office (Working on creating other Pickup Points also)
  • Simple Login Via Social Media such as FB, G+ and LinkedIn

Expectation of this Platform:

Once you receive a Ripple, create a chain of Ripple from your end, be a Part of this Ripple to Spread the Knowledge. Only a Receiver can understand the importance of it and he/she can become a contributor to another Ripple.

Let’s Start and Create Ripples Across Ahmedabad and Help Students

Platform Details:

Let’s build your dream together.