The Companionship of IoT & Dot-NET Core 3.0

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The current era computing is going to be filled with enormous power with the buzz word set to Internet of Things & Dot-NET Core. In future smart devices, home appliances, car or even your smart room will be lased with IoT applications. An IoT enabled device will ensure that the user experience is seamless and to the next level of comfort zone, not only of an individual but also organizations as well as enterprises.

IoT could help with improved and increased protection of data, providing smart solutions for your smart home, use of algorithmic application at remote location (no internet), informing user about security breach, accidents, thefts.

These are the reasons to develop IoT applications. Nowadays, developers are jumping into the new technologies like AI & ML and with the power of IoT, they can integrate all the applications with it. ASP.NET has always been one of the most innovative platforms for the developers, and now with the .NET Core 3.0, it makes very easy for developers to create IoT-enabled apps.

We are going to discuss about developing IoT applications on .NET Core 3.0. How effective .NET Core 3.0 is for IoT applications and how it would be useful for any start-ups, business or any enterprises.

Dot.NET Core

.NET Core is one of the best frameworks for .NET developers. It is open-source framework and we can create cross-platform applications on it. It supports platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Developers can create applications using languages like C#, Visual Basic, F#. Azure platform adds the benefits of cloud integration for IoT application.

Current framework is better performance along with additional APIs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the .NET Core Framework.

Benefits of Dot-NET Core Framework

  • Develop application on multiple platform
  • Integration to Modern UI frameworks
  • Supports CLI for major platforms
  • Supports Cloud app development
  • New Enhanced APIs available
  • Side-by-side versioning
  • Support .NET Framework app conversion to .NET Core

Benefits of IoT Applications

Now it has became a routine to enter our home after full day working at office and access your home appliances, lights and other devices with your speech! Alexa / Google have made this possible.

Devices now are equip with IoT devices to salvage electronics culture. Survey shows that about 21 billion devices will be connected to the internet in next 5 years. This is very big number for the latest technology trend. With the support of Windows 10 IoT editions, which work on ARM32 devices, there are plenty of opportunities to explore in this field both for all types of business.

Some Applications of IoT in Business:

  • Factory Digitization
  • Product flow Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Safety and Security
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging optimization
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

Benefits of this Companionship

  1. Windows 10 IoT Core

Dot-Net Core 3.0 is the latest version and it has full compatibility with the Windows 10 IoT Core edition. It provides various types of tools and allows integrations to the Universal Windows Platform, Visual Studio, and the Azure cloud-based platform. Using Windows 10 IoT Core with Dot-NET 3.0, you can build applications or background run services on IoT device.

  1. Cross-Platform Support

As a part of Dot-NET Core update, 3.0 support wide range of desktop applications for windows platform. For the existing desktop application its the perfect time to switch to multi-platform solution. With the addition of new APIs, one can build nice UI and interactions. One can gain faster response and better tracking of data by connecting existing devices with IoT app.

  1. Large ASP.NET Community for Assistance

There are large number of developers who can help on Dot-NET projects. Currently, Dot-NET Core is in the phase where, it is constantly evolution. In the market of IoT currently it is most affordable solutions for IoT devices. Developers can always get their solutions on IoT apps from communities like Stack Overflow, GitHub etc.

  1. 4. Integrate with Azure cloud-based services

Azure is one of the best cloud solutions for IoT Applications. You can store process data on Azure services. Microsoft provides an Azure IoT platform and IoT accelerators that enables faster retrieval and storage of data along with deployment with predefined configurations steps.

Updates are frequently provided by .Net Core framework for new features and security of projects.

Wrapping Up

The new release of Dot-NET Core gives cross-platform support for creating IoT applications. team up with new APIs for IoT devices which could directly interact through APIs. With the use of this new framework with Windows 10 IoT Core, we can build smart, secured and efficient applications.


Author : Devarsh Prajapati

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