Top 10 .Net Developers’ Tools to Help You Code Better in 2020

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Microsoft Corporation developed the .NET framework about 18 years ago. Microsoft embedded secure, robust, and user-friendly features to make .NET a versatile development platform for building web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. Along with these integrations, Microsoft has enabled its users to take benefit from the features of third-party vendors. The combination of internal and external features provides a supportive platform. That’s why .NET is so popular in the development era.

The popularity of the .NET framework can be seen from the fact that about 37,898,794 websites are using the ASP.NET framework for their working environment. DELL, Stack Overflow, GoDaddy, Wild Tangent, and are all the important examples among them, making .NET a more desirable web development framework. On similar notes, developers use different tools to make it more cost-effective, which is the major focus of today’s blog. We discuss the top 10 trending and developing tools of .NET that help you to code better in 2020;


It is considered as one of the most famous tools as it helps in creating PDFs file while using rich content and enhanced images. It offers multiple APIs to perform the extraction, generation, and reading of various files such as PDF SDK, PDF Extractor, PDF Generator, PDF Renderer, ActiveX, Barcode reader, generator, and extractor. Developers use PDF SDK to build files in either C# or VB.NET and to observe other formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF. It also offers different security options 40-bit, 128-bit, and 256-bit to encrypt the data.


ReSharper is an eminent refactoring, productivity tool, and Microsoft Visual Studio extension. It works as an error eliminator of C#, VB.NETASP.NET, XML, and XAML. Whether you want to do code analysis, code editing, or code sharpening, this tool is a perfect choice to go with. Mostly, coders use this tool to manage and maintain code easily and flexibly, helping them to build applications swiftly.


It is a Visual Studio Code package suite for cross-platform F#, functional-first programming language.  It is a popular .NET editing tool as it enables the developers to perform creative and substantial editing without worrying about the type of operating system. It provides high-quality IDE experience and UX to achieve everything on time. Moreover, it also offers a set of opinionated tools that collectively work to bring the best and profound features for F#/FP development. 


It is a testing tool that enables the developers to execute and check their code after completing it. It helps the coders to check the performance of the coding lines as soon as they compose it. This ensures that they are heading in the right direction. While having vital information about the code, developers can significantly improve the performance of the code. Inline exemption, unified and intelligent test execution are the most powerful features of the NCrunch.


It is another leveraging package manager for Windows that brings modern software automation. It enables you to control dependencies, version things, install order, manage high GUI. 


It is used to test LINQ queries, C#, F#, VB statements, snippets, and programs. It is a super lightweight and standard edition free environment so that you can perform output formatting, integrated debugging, and optional autocompletion.

Visual Studio Gallery

It is a gallery that contains VS templates, extensions, controls to access over 7000 products. It provides dynamic features to add different languages, installations, debugging, and tools, ensuring developers to experience enrich software development workflow.


It is another programming development tool that permits developers to share their programming code across the selective community, workplace, and teams. In this way, coders can use or divide their already prepared code for different projects and purposes.

Novi Builder

Being an HTML builder and editor, it offers drop-and-drag functionality, variant templates, contact forms, sliders, count down, Google Maps, and plugin options. It enables the .NET developers to create websites with awesome and fantastic features.


It stands for Error Logging Module and Handlers. Developers can add it dynamically with all the ASP.NET web applications without performing re-compilation and re-deployment. It facilitates you to filter unwanted exceptions and to do logging of unhandled exceptions. Developers use this tool to find out what’s happening in their code, and what are the errors running at the production site. Lastly, it also helps the developers to eliminate errors from their codes.


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