What is .NET Core and Everything You Need to know About it

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You have already read the difference between .NET Core and .NET framework from our previous blogs and why we need migration from the existing system. In this article, we discuss only .NET Core and everything you need to know about it before going ahead. Like the .NET framework, it is a free and open-source computer program, which is developed by the .NET foundation.  Microsoft started this project in the year 2016 and released under the MIT and Apache 2 licenses. It has the potential to run on multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, therefore known as cross-platform computer software. We have gathered a few points to know the positive sides of .NET Core and how can you use them for your application;

More Platforms means more Flexibility

Being a cross-platform enabler, the .NET Core is a somehow more advanced version of its competitor. If your business plans need to hit a large number of audiences, users, and multiple technologies, then .NET Core is just the right option for you. The thing is, you can target multiple platforms and even build your private server through it, enabling to achieve more flexibility in business. Apart from this, .NET Core has gained the status of the second most used server-side development architecture in a limited time frame. It shows that scalability, reliability, and security are the constructive outcomes of using this framework.

Extensive Variety

Besides cross-platform, .NET Core has a versatile nature, which means whatever your business plan is, you can extract characteristics from this framework. Gaming, IoT (internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence), DL (deep learning), ML (machine learning), and big data are all the future of the smart world, and .NET Core knows about it. With .NET Core, an enterprise can target multiple domains as it is capable of all these ranges. 

Less Coding but still Optimized Performance

Conventionally, developers have to work day and night to achieve high performance for their applications, and still, they don’t get the required results. But with .NET Core, there’s no need to spend time on coding lines, and bugging errors. The platform of .NET Core not only saves developer’s time but also the company’s budget, allowing you to build the application at a low cost. If the developer needs any help, then a large community always be there for him.

Lightweight and Modular Application

In .NET Core, microservices, and Docker containers are the essential parts of the framework. Microservices constitute of chunks of business services that can work and deploy independently with fast run time. On the other hand, Docker containers work wells in the .NET Core framework. The combination of both these essentials plays an important role in building lightweight and modular applications.  

Cloud-based Sustenance

Another key driver of using .NET Core is unlimited cloud support. Since services offered by the cloud are more consistent and steadfast. You can have an eye on everything from remote locations and boost the application’s performance. Furthermore, offering cloud services create a strong impression on the market and users who are using your applications.  

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