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The swift expansion of any business can be a big challenge in today’s world as competition is booming on every minute. The most key player in the business is its most important resource; employee. Human Resource Department plays a major role in managing the employees as well as offers stability that helps the business to run well. HR Department can create the environment that will directly affect the productivity and sustainability of employees.

Managing a group of people with numerous backgrounds and personalities is easier said than done. Constantly HR Department has to deal with many problems that can directly affect the employee’s performance. It may lower the productivity level and cut short the business efficiency. To avoid any negative outcome, it is important for HR professional to understand challenges.
Following are few points to ponder


According to one survey, HR practices can manipulate employees’ attitude and behavior at work which can directly affect their productivity. Good HR Practice may lead to job satisfaction. Employees’ productivity can be increased by taking necessary steps such as annual party, picnics, games etc.

Social Media

In the world of digitization, technology is the immense part of the work. HR professionals can use Social media, mobile devices as well as robotics and AI in the process of recruitment, management, retention of employee. But it is important to create certain policy and laws for the use of technology or else, it might lead to undesirable issues in the upcoming time such as breach of privacy.


Diversity at the work includes age, gender, race and religion may lead to unfair and imbalanced behavior from employee to employee. As a front runner you cannot neglect any intolerance. It is not smart move to ignore the problem as affected employee from such discrimination may cause even bigger trouble to business if management fails to take appropriate action. If this happens, business’s image might be stained and it will result into difficulty while hiring new people.

Hence, you cannot ignore when employee comes to you and complains about any discrimination during performing his duties. You have to make sure that you are taking the case seriously as employee’s safety is always the first priority.


In the current scenario, finding the right people at the right time for the right position is the biggest challenge for HR Recruiters or Hiring Managers. Selecting from the limited choice of talent at the same time as competing with the competitors may frequently result into wrong hire. It might happen that, owing to the situation you end up hiring someone who is unfit for the organization.

The wrong hire leads to increases the cost. To avoid the situation management should keeps following points in mind: available position, when it should be filled, job description of the vacant position and the skills the candidates must have.


The organization’s biggest asset is its employees. It will be smart investment for training and developing the employees’ skills. Though, training inexperience person will be time consuming which may deter the rapid growth of business.


The most common mistake HRs community does in Payroll. When HR departments fill the information manually, it is likely to occur errors in calculation. Sometimes errors in payroll cause the wrong employee payment. Frequent errors may result in additional employee dissatisfaction. This might affect the productivity as well. Payroll processes needs to be checked twice. There are several online applications available that can fit into our needs. These applications are available as free as well as paid versions.

Our requirements such as internal policies, government policies and other features needs to be taken into consideration while selecting such applications.


Above mentioned points are few workplace problems which directly affect the business. To maximize the growth of business, it is necessary to utilize the resources towards right direction.

Author: Meghavi Pragnesh Mehta

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