Top 10 Features Make ASP.NET Powerful Framework

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Being an open-source and developed by Microsoft CompanyASP.NET is a backbone of web development. When developing a web application, developers demand a reliable, scalable and flexible programming framework to build their applications. Consequently, ASP.NET is a one for all solution as compared to its competitors, Java and PHP. Moreover, the framework exactly follows the norms of the digital industry, enabling the programmers to include everything they want depending on their application’s needs. To make it clearer, we have collected top 10 features  in this blog that make ASP.NET more powerful and unique framework for web development applications. 

Bundling & Minification Characteristic

The latest version of ASP.NET, 4.8, brings advanced bundling and minification feature to improve the overall performance of applications. According to Microsoft, these techniques are required to enhance the load time of request by decreasing the total number of requests to the server along with the dimension of ordered assets, i.e. CSS styling and JavaScript.

Tracing Viewer

With tracing viewer, coders can observe the diagnostic data related to single request available on an ASP.NET page, letting the users chase the execution’s path during the run time of application, solving glitches and debugging errors.

Asynchronous Programming Patterns

ASP.NET is vital as it follows async programming patterns in MVC and Kernel architecture. The extensive use of these patterns is significant in terms of increasing the overall speed of web applications.

Different Environments and Development Modes

The new version of ASP.NET allows the developers to differentiate the parts of codes in either staging, development, configuration or production stage. These environments and development modes are perfect for styling CSS and embedding JS files.

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection (CSRF)

Business enterprises and professional applications can’t take a risk at security and privacy policy. ASP.NET offers anti-forgery tokens to protect the confidential information of users from the intruders and any type of disruptive attacks.

Strongly Typed-Data Controls

Another astonishing feature of ASP.NET Core is the presence of strongly typed data controls. Through these controls, developers can write more accurate and error-free code. It allows you to maintain the accuracy of the code by analysing typos upfront or checking errors.

Web Sockets and SignalR

Chatbots, gaming and dashboard applications are all the future of the digital world. ASP.NET provides these skills through web sockets and SignalR. Both are reliable communication protocols and are designed for providing persistent communication channels along with real-time functionality.

Self-hosted Web Applications

ASP.NET is a promising framework for both server and desktop applications. Desktop or self-hosted applications can be acquired in .NET 4.5 framework by exploiting WCF, Owin, or Nancy.

Filter Scopes

This Microsoft programming framework offers both built-in and custom filters. Authorization and response caching are handled by built-in filters, whereas error handling, logging and configuration are controlled by custom based filters.

Dependency Injection (DI)

Since ASP.NET supports DI, thus it could acquire Inversion of Control (IoC) between classes and their dependencies. Due to DI and IoC, developers can experience loose coupling, testability and maintenance capabilities.


ASP.NET is a propitious programming framework constituting of all the features ranging from basic to premium. Therefore, if your company needs a high level of security and speed key features, then select the ASP.NET for your next project. 

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