Why Is ASP.NET Development Services the Most Favoured Choice of Developers Today?

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According to Satya Nadella, chief executive officer of Microsoft, ‘‘Microsoft is the productive and platform company for mobile-first and cloud-first world’’. This mobile-first and cloud-first strategy make Microsoft the world’s leading corporation to offer dynamic, flexible and scalable frameworks around the globe. And above all, the deployment of ASP.NET is further boosting the popularity of Microsoft. 

ASP.NET, released on 5 Jan 2002, developed by Microsoft, is an open-source and server-side web-application framework. Microsoft designed ASP.NET to help the developers in building dynamic web pages, websites, applications and services. Microsoft developed ASP.NET to provide a secure and flexible framework for constructing dynamic solutions. After every stable release, Microsoft has bought more exciting and secure features due to which it becomes the most favourable solution of developers. Thus, a large number of business applications opt for ASP.NET framework. 

About 75% of the business enterprises exploit ASP.NET framework for developing flexible, rigid and scalable solutions, making it more powerful and famous in the developer’s world.

Thanks to the outstanding and prevailing features of ASP.NET framework, which brings scalable, reliable and protective technologies at the developer’s hand to build dynamic websites. If you want to build a complicated application that requires extensive potential and coding lines, then ASP.NET is the right choice. It is supported by the tech giant, Microsoft, due to which it has been ruling developer’s heart for over 18 years.

Let’s discuss some prominent features of ASP.NET that are developer’s favourite

1. Websites and Web Applications

ASP.NET provides three mature and stable frameworks which are ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, and ASP.NET Web pages to build great web applications. The best part is that developers have the open option to choose any one of them, and they will get all the features of ASP.NET. All these frameworks of ASP.NET deliver a login security model that depends on membership. Besides, these models have the same services, facilities and tools to manage requests, handle sessions, along with everything, which is an important part of ASP.NET core functionality.

2. Less Coding

No wonder, developers always select less coding and more innovative path. With the less coding approach, they can pull off more than just building an application. It is particularly useful for deploying high-end solutions where you need automatic updates with a limited load on sites. And ASP.NET works perfectly to acquire this. That’s why developers pick ASP.NET framework to build web applications and high-end solutions.

3. No Language Dependency

Another promising feature of ASP.NET is its language independence. Thus, you can use your favourite language to build applications. There’s no hard and fast rule to use specific language while working with ASP.NET framework.

4. Improved Performance 

We’ve already discussed this feature in our previous blogs that how JIT compilation, early binding and native optimization help in improving the performance of web applications.

5. Everything becomes Simple

Believe it or not, ASP.NET has been gaining huge success due to its simplicity. Everything becomes hassle-free with ASP.NET framework. For instance, form submission, the configuration of site or services, client authentication, testing of web pages through MVC (Model-View-Controller) can be performed easily in ASP.NET environment.

6. Easy to Maintain & Deploy

ASP.NET enables you to maintain sites without much difficulty. The source code is attached with an HTML and executed on a server to bring flexibility. It is easy to deploy applications in ASP.NET framework due to built-in configuration. The bundling and minification features of ASP.NET platform not only add flexibility but also improve the performance of the application by enhancing request load time.

Concluding lines

All in all,  ASP.NET has extensive features that make this platform useful and successful in contrast to other frameworks. The above highlighted key attributes ensure developers to build innovative and complicated applications such as business and corporate websites, custom CRM, social networking platforms, e-commerce shopping cart tools, and content management system solutions.

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