Why Use ASP.NET MVC Framework for Web Application Development?

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ASP.NET MVC FrameworkDevelopers at Ansi ByteCode LLP is frequently confronted with this call. Therefore, in this blog, we have gathered a few highlights and use of ASP.NET MVC framework for web application development. By starting from the introduction to ASP.NET MVC framework, we discuss the importance, features and popularity of ASP.NET MVC for web application development. 

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC was initially released by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2009. The popularity of ASP.NET MVC is due to the open-source nature of the software compared to other ASP.NET Web Form elements which are trademarked. It implements Model-View-Controller architecture to build dynamic web applications at the .NET Framework and Mono platform. 

Importance of ASP.NET MVC 

The pattern design of ASP.NET is based on the idea to achieve a clean separation of concerns. The fusion of ASP.NET with MVC persuades developers to build powerful and pattern-based dynamic web applications. ASP.NET is important to build swift, scalable and flexible enterprise-class web applications, eye-catching pages, interactive services, or dynamic websites. 

The best part of this architecture is, it extracts the useful characteristics of ASP.NET, a platform where developers can build diverse types of applications using tools, libraries, components and programming languages. 

Features of ASP.NET MVC Framework

ASP.NET MVC Framework has been adopted by many developers across the programming field for over last few years. It is now treated as a popular and successful choice for developing rich applications as it provides the following features;

1. Unlimited Compatible Options

With ASP.NET MVC, developers can overcome the compatible issues. Being a cross-platform supporter, it permits to select either Windows, Linux, or Mac OS for developing web application. It offers J.Script.NET, HTML/JS, VB.NET, WML, XML, J#, and C# compatible options. Existence of unlimited compatible options allows the developers to build, execute and deploy code in an easier way because it combines unique sets of seamless integration. Similarly, if you’re familiar with the Visual Studio, you can also build ASP.NET MVC applications through it.

2. Esteemed Performance

In contrast to other script-based technologies (Java, JS, PHP, Perl etc), ASP.NET MVC boasts a performance of web applications through automatic compilation of server code.  Features such as caching services, runtime profiling, early binding, native optimization, just-in-time (JIT) compilation and powerful handling play a viable role to elevate the production of ASP.NET MVC applications. 

3. Easy to Deploy and Maintain

The ASP.NET MVC framework already comes up with built-in configuration and fixed settings, assuring the rapid deployment of applications. It aids programmers to simply copy the code from the server for deploying the entire application. Hence, there’s no need to register the components before deployment. 

Apart from this, the facility to reuse the programming code makes it easy for developers to manage and change programs. Once the execution and management of programming code get completed, developers start the testing of components wherein ASP.NET MVC framework enables them to test every component separately. The independent testing of components saves the developer’s time that allows them to utilize in processing other application activities. 

4. Potential Support for Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment is highly essential for boosting the company’s performance, securing business assets and perfect collaboration. The modular architecture of ASP.NET MVC framework empowers the business to experience cloud deployment by offering flexible atmosphere and extensive modularity where you can develop applications for cloud infrastructure.  

Apart from the above features, ASP.NET MVC offers great support for mobile devices, dependency injection (DI), NuGet packages, smooth extensions of application functionalities, and search engine optimization (SEO) development steps.  

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